Monday Mix // 13 - Essential Pool Floats

8:29 PM

Sweet Summer! It's so refreshing to be able to spend time outdoors - lots of walking - sunshine - and hanging by the pool.  I wish giant pool floats had been a thing when my boys were younger.  They bring such cheer to the pool - it's so nice to get a glance of one floating by when I'm inside doing the dishes.  

One of Noah's birthday gifts was the pineapple raft - and I'm glad I waited until this week to finish this board because Gray Malin's new swan float is amazing!!!

Here are the links to my favorite giant pool floats.

Pineapple Raft - I think this is a good choice for boys.  They get that reference to Spongebob and that makes them laugh.

Giant Pink and White Beach Ball - this website has beach balls in all different colors and sizes.

The flamingo and swan floats seemed to have started the trend towards the showpiece floats.  This is a new style flamingo that caught my eye.  The original flamingo float is super cute too!

Gray Malin Swan - brand new!  I ADORE this float and think it's truly the prettiest float.  Check out their website to see photo's of it in the water.  It's stunning.

Unicorn - It's so happy looking!  I think this would probably be the one I would get for my pool.  It's quirky - and who doesn't want a unicorn in their backyard :)  That GM swan is in such a tie with it though!  Hmmm...

Watermelon Raft - I like the trend towards citrus floating in the pool.  There are also giant slices of lemons, limes, and oranges that you can float around on.  I wanted to put them on the board, but ran out of space.

Yellow and White Stripe Tube - I thought this tube would look so pretty in multiples floating in the water.  I could only find the pink and white stripe right now - they must have sold out of the yellow.

Gummy Bear Raft - cheerful.  It comes in red as well.

White Swan - nice and classic.

Pineapple Tube - I like the colors and pineapples are another fave of mine right now.  I keep buying the whole pineapple at the store just so I can enjoy it for a few days before cutting!  They are so intricate - like a little piece of art for the kitchen.

Black and White Beach Ball - this also comes in many sizes.  Imagine a lot of them at a poolside black tie event.

Blue Whale - this one makes me smile.  Seeing a whale in real life is one of my favorite experiences.  This guy floating around would be so cute!

Well, it's nice to able to think about the yard again, and to work on little projects to spruce it up a bit.  Here in Michigan we get limited time to enjoy it, and adding fun pool floats is a fast and easy way to add character.

Which one would you choose?

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