Never Forget Your Essentials Again - Free Printables - Keys, Phone, Then Purse or Wallet :) - you Choose!

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No Monday Mix this week - it was a holiday so I took a holiday :)  I do have a couple of free printables for you today.

I think we have all left the house at one time or another, and forgotten to grab one of our go to important items. Years ago I began repeating a simple trio of words to help me with this problem of mine.

Keys - Phone - Purse 

Over the years as we are heading out my boys will joke with me and repeat the words aloud.  They still do this often and in a comical sort of voice.  They think it's funny, but really to this day I use those 3 little words to make sure I'm not forgetting something.  Having this routine gives me peace of mind, keeps me organized, and helps me to not get locked out of the house.  Kinda like each morning when I come downstairs I start laundry, turn off the outside lights, take out the dog, feed and water the dog, wash any dishes, etc.  If I didn't tackle these things in order each day it is very likely that I will get sidetracked, and not notice that the outside lights are still on until something like 3 p.m.


This is where this new mantra of sorts come in.  Noah keeps forgetting essentials.  It used to be his phone, but lately it is his wallet.  This is a problem because he needs his license.  He needs his money for safety reasons.  We were talking and I mentioned that maybe he needs a mantra of his own.  

Keys - Phone - Wallet

Then I got to thinking why not create something to tuck into a frame, and leave near the door to spark his memory.

I really love how the print turned out so I created a keys-phone-purse for the girls too.  The prints are the perfect size for a 4 x 6 photo frame though it will work in a larger frame just as well.   The frames pictured here are from Home Goods and are 4 x 6. 

I hope you will enjoy my very first prints.  They are very simple and straightforward, but I like that.  It makes them easy to mix with other pieces of art.  Find a unique frame and print onto heavy paper.   This paper is my go to when making invitations or printing out artwork.  It is also really nice paper for kids to do their artwork on - it's sturdy so their creativity will last without getting all wrinkled up. 

The prints would make a nice little gift or something to add in addition to a gift.  They are sure to add a touch of uniqueness and a little quiet humor to any space.

For the free printable of keys-phone-wallet click here.
For the free printable of keys-phone-purse click here.

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