Monday Mix // 18 - With Big Chill

9:12 AM

I'm back with another Monday Mix.   My inspiration for this board began when Big Chill asked me if I'd be interested in joining their Color of the Month challenge.  If you have ever laid your eyes upon a Big Chill appliance you can understand that I am flattered that they would ask - this was a yes moment!

July's color is Tranquil Turquoise.  My take - I love white ranges.  Big Chill has so many show stopping ranges in so many different colors, but I fell for their Classic Stove - 1900 Series.  I customized it with their copper trim kit because I have a thing for copper, but you could also choose brushed brass, satin nickel, or chrome.  They are all good!  The range itself also comes in many colors.  You might also notice that I used two side by side on my board.  Last year I worked on the update of a old roller skating rink - a large cooking surface was wanted along with a manageable price tag.  My solution was to use two ranges side by side.  It worked perfectly.   Months later I spotted 2 ranges used in the exact same way on a new to me but very well read design blog.  Even though I knew it worked I felt better seeing that someone else had made that decision as well.  And yes, someday soon I will photograph that rink space.

Right now I'm starting to work on our kitchen remodel.  Our cabinets will be white, countertops will be a quartz that resembles Carrara marble, hopefully some open shelving.  I'm thinking panel covered dishwasher and fridge and freezer - leaving the range to be the eye catching appliance.  Time will tell if these decisions of mine will stick, but this is the vision I used when choosing items that would add a pop of tranquil turquoise to the kitchen.  I hope you enjoy!  I think it's good!

I'm picturing drapes in Schumacher's Margate Damask in Sky.
White Barn Photograph
Queen Anne's Lace Photograph
I like furniture in the kitchen and this sideboard add's some color.
This light would be perfect over the sink.
Every kitchen is better with fresh flowers.
My vase of choice.
The Big Chill Classic Stove-1900 Series!
Recycled glass tumblers add subtle turquoise.
Can't live without Moroccan glasses.  Little pops of color that can be used as vases and tealight holders.
This copper top flatware is my favorite.
Dinner plates can add a pop of color - in this case these vintage plates are so pretty!
Aqua Minty Barn Photograph
This chandelier is one of a few I'm contemplating.
salvaged wood table adds warmth.
Add more color to your kitchen with your dishtowels and candles.
Dark simple artwork tones things down.
Married To The Sea print - one of my favorites.
Slipcovered Dining Chairs don't compete and are easy to clean.
And the last picture - add pops of turquoise or any color you like with the addition of cookbooks.  I like a little desk space in the kitchen :)

Nature inspired artwork also goes well with the theme of tranquil turquoise.  Living in the Midwest I gravitate towards the barns and fields and lakes.  In a warmer climate this can be changed to the ocean and beaches.

Be sure to visit the Big Chill website and discover or revisit this high quality appliance brand.   With Retro, Pro, and Classic lines there are options for every style.

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