Monday Mix // 20 - Mix Them Up Candle Holders - Moroccan Inspired

7:46 PM

Today I'm sharing my favorite kind of candle holders - Moroccan style holders.  Sometimes they are sold as candle holders and sometimes you have to search for tea glasses.  Either way they are perfect for using as tealight holders - little vases too.  The best part is that you can mix and match the colors and patterns to create new looks all the time.  As you can see from above the pops of color really all work together.  I'm always adding to my collection, and have them sprinkled throughout the house.

Here are the sources for the holders above and my descriptions for each will be very general this time.

First - the top left area of the board - every one of the single holders are from Taara Bazaar on Etsy.

The holders that are in groups of 3 from that area on the board can all be found on Amazon.  Just search Moroccan tea glasses.

From Target:
white pierced with gold lining
set of 3 rose gold hurricanes
set of 8 green votive holders

Luster holders on bottom left are from

Set of 6 beside the luster holders are from World Market.  They have 3 different sets of holders on their site.  

Lastly, the holders under the tree and in that far right photo are from Terrain.  Anthropologie carries them too - I have some that are identical that I found at a local grocery store.

Maybe this will inspire you to add some colorful holders to your life.  And yes, it's Tuesday.  At least I'm a day closer to Monday than I was with last weeks mix!

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