Monday Mix // 25 - On Tuesday

10:51 AM

I wasn't sure if I'd actually get this published this week at all, but here it is!

I'm still not feeling creatively inspired around my  house - I'm working on cleaning out a lot of things.  I just feel like we are bursting at the seams, and we have lots of updating to do.  That will start next year.  

Hope you enjoy this weeks finds!

I bought the gray off the shoulder top.  It has little white pinstripes, is made of soft lightweight flannel, and is really comfortable.  It does not slide off of your shoulders.  The styling on that Apple watch makes me almost think I want one :)  I'm thinking of making a copper clothes rack.  The roller travel bags are too cute.  I took a quilted duffle bag on our trip to Nashville, and learned really quick that I'd like something with wheels.  Pretty shoes are always fun, and all the rest is courtesy of Target.  They have so many great things for the home.  That purple chair has me contemplating it for a little corner in our kitchen.  I just have to measure the chair that I have there which needs replacing, and see if it will work.  This is where Guinness loves to watch me cook!  Oh - and that side chair is from Wayfair, and comes in a rainbow of colors!

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