Monday Mix // 26 - Fashion, Home, Skincare, and Christmas Ornaments! Yes, Xmas!

10:26 AM

Happy Monday!

Here are the latest things that have caught my eye.   How about that bed!  It's a commitment to pattern, but I love it!  

I spent a few minutes in the Christmas aisles at JoAnn's yesterday - it's my favorite time of the year and it might sound funny, but being surrounded by all the holiday items brought such peace to me.  I picked up a couple more of the little deer ornaments that you see above. My sister had one tied to my present last year, and they look so much like my dog I decided I needed multiples of it.  They all have a little bit of a different expression so it's all good.  I'm loving the flower poster - it's a Detroit Flower Day print.  I'm needing it!  Oh - and the holiday obsessed part of me yearly types in key words on the Anthropologie site right around now because I have a really hard time waiting to see what they have for us each year.  It's always my number 1 when searching for new holiday decor followed by Target.  Anyway - a few things did pop up.  One being this little ornament.    I wait every year for this series - I really want more of the animal ones that are not Nutcracker.  They used to have 2 boy type and 2 girl type animals each year and I would get the boy animals for my boys.  So far it looks like I'm out of luck this year as well :(  

I'm loving the shoes in the fashion photo.  They are cute and comfortable which are two important things to me when buying shoes.  Another thing I really wanted to share was this new lip product I picked up.  It smells so good and really hydrates.  I feel like I've been a bit dried out.  I'm going to buy this again and again and again!  I use a couple of other products in this line and I'm really happy with them all.  They are staples.  I'll share links to them below.

Lastly - the rug, table, and chairs.  Just very nice pieces!

I have a busy week - one doctors appointment to try to figure out whats wrong with my foot-ankle.  It will be fine, and then all of a sudden I have to hobble, then it will be fine again.  So weird!  I'm going with my friend Kare to one of the Anthropologie Holiday workshops, Noah has his last marching band performance e-v-e-r.  That makes me so sad.  I think I'm going to have a very hard time adjusting to life next year with two boys in college, and probably with them both leaving the house at the same time.  Josh commutes this year so I still get to enjoy his company.  Anyone watch 90 Day Fiancé?   It's our Sunday night thing to watch together and die over some of the participants.  Some seem to be very nice people, and some are in such a state of delusion - if you could see my expressions as I watch.  It's a highly entertaining show!  Anyway - I don't know what I am going to do next year.  I feel like I keep trying to acquire a new pet.  Hedgehog, goat, another Whippet, a hairless cat.   I keep being told no-no-no.  

Enough of my chatting - thank you for reading and as always I hope you enjoy this mix.

Elaine Geometric Rug - this would work well for the big layering trend as well

Suede Flat in prune - comfy and cute!

Flower Day Poster - 18 by 24

Holiday Glitter Deer Ornament - I also got this ornament and this one.  They are both much cuter in real life.

Sugar Plum Fairy Ornament - I will add this one to my collection.  If you click on this link it will take you to a couple more new holiday ornaments

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