Quick and Delicious - Let's Make Cinnamon Sugar & Then Use it to Make The Best Toast E-V-E-R

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Sometimes it's the super easy to put together foods that are so delicious.  Sometimes I also figure that everyone knows about these little gems so I don't think to share them.  This is another recipe that I have been making and enjoying since childhood.  Not the healthiest - but no worse than a donut.  And speaking of donuts - click here to find my recipe that makes store bought plain donuts into something truly special. 

The first step you need to take in order to enjoy some cinnamon toast is to make cinnamon sugar.  I keep a batch of it made in a little jelly jar that I store alongside my spices.

Simply toss some sugar into your jar -

add cinnamon (you can adjust the amount as you go)

I put the lid on my jar and shake it up.  I like my cinnamon on the light brown side, but you can make it as strong as you like.  You can't mess this up.  If you think you put too much cinnamon in just add more sugar.  Easy to fix.

Once your sugar is prepared toast your bread.  I used sliced sourdough this time, but you can use any type of bread that you enjoy.

When the toast is ready take 1 piece out of the toaster, spread on some butter (I use Smart Balance Original) and then sprinkle on some cinnamon sugar.  Immediately top with the next piece of toast - butter and sugar it - and then place the bottom piece of toast on top of this piece.  This helps the cinnamon melt into the butter.

Now you are ready to enjoy your crispy, sweet, and delicious toast!  Simple and oh so good!  If you like cinnamon rolls you'll want to try this.

Oh, and if you like the measuring spoons you can find them here,  They also make measuring cups and a measuring jug.  I love this line of dishes :)

The towel is from Anthropologie (last year)

 Sugar canister is a vintage store tobacco jar.

Green plate is from the Oh Joy collection at Target (last year)

Please Note:  this post contains a few affiliate links

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