Monday Mix // 29

6:55 PM

A new week - and some new finds.  

This blanket is so bulky and beautiful.  It also comes in gray.  This is the kind of blanket that adds warmth and texture wherever you use it.

A huge splurge for a pillowcase, but I can understand why it would be worth the investment.  

This black and white photo of ski slopes reminds me of a little ski lodge we would go to out in Oxford, MI while growing up.  It was tiny, 1 chair lift, and really it was my favorite place to ski.  It was old and simple.  I liked that.  So, my scenery wasn't this scenic, but this does take me back to that place.

Letterfolk letter boards - a creative gift for friend and family.  I'd like one myself someday.

You are the actual best card - send one - keep one - frame it up!  So pretty.

The cutest felt reindeer ornament.  This will be on our tree.

Rusty orange and neon pink beanie - I actually bought this for myself on Black Friday.   My friend Kare and I ended up going out at night to a nearby downtown - it was really quiet and lots of fun!  This hat will help brighten the gray days ahead.

Tea Towels - so cute and wintery.

My Mom got me this set of measuring spoons and measuring cups for Christmas!!!  Thank you for ordering them Mom - the cups are already out of stock!  I'm kinda obsessed!!!  No - I'm really obsessed :)

Lastly, this Hinge tank is just the kind of sleeveless top I look for.  It is adorable with the little leaves and trees and such printed on it.   It's on major sale right now - and yes I do have it.  Another Hinge item I bought the second it hit my skin is this cardigan.  It has bell sleeves and is so comfortable.  I wore it right out of the store.  I'm a size 6 dress and I bought the small.  I'm going to wear it so much this Winter.  It looks much better in person than on the website.

Thank you for reading another Monday Mix where I talk about things I actually have or would totally buy.  I hope you enjoy the mixes - they are pretty fun to put together.

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