Monday Mix // 30 - On Wednesday :)

9:28 AM

It's been a busy week - getting ready for a big party - but I wanted to sit down for a few minutes and get this board out into the world.

I'm just going to be quick here today - so here are the details ...

Faux Fur Vest - just too cute - and 40% off right now.  I love this color.

mpix - beautiful quality photo books and gifts - a gift of photo's from a loved ones instagram feed or a gift certificate for someone who loves to create would be a cherished and thoughtful gift.  The photo box on the right side of the screen is another mpix find.

Electronic Basketball - Electronic Baseball - Electronic Football - fun for the sports fan of any age - brings back memories for some (like me) and would be a fun bit of nostalgia and simpler times to share with those who have only been exposed to the high tech video games.

Tipped Vintage Pajama Set - love these - and they are back in stock - and on sale!!!

Pajama Shirt With Tipping - I think this look is fantastic.  I've seen it paired with jeans as well as fancy party skirts. It's unexpected and it works!!!  Oh - and also back in stock and on sale :)  Guess it's good that I'm late getting this written.

Monogram Ornaments - I scooped these up the first day Target had the ornaments out.  They are so pretty on the tree - yet they would be equally as good hanging from your stocking or at each place setting on the table.  They are only sold in stores.

Crew Socks - So many adorable socks - $5 each - I bought two pairs - wanted to see if they would stay up or if they were going to fall - good news - they are perfect!!!  They would make excellent stocking stuffers.

Oasis Keurig - this color can only be found here.  Isn't this color the best!!!

Betania Side Table = LOVE.  This table has a great shape and finish.

Well, I'm off to do some decorating, and hopefully next week I will have the photo's and the time to share.  Hope you are enjoying a peaceful and cozy holiday season.

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