Monday Mix // 34

9:47 PM

Here are this Monday's finds ...

For a really pretty neutral that feels good on your lips try this Tarte matte lip color.  I love topping it with Image Balancing Lip Balm that I've talked about before.  It keeps your lips so soft.  

This little saucepan from Finex is made of enamel - along the inside rim it reads "this is your life"  I had found it on Amazon, and now for the life of me I can't find it again.   So sorry about that mixup.

Another great find from Target - Pillowfort Seagrass Basket.

I've had my eye on this Floral Art by Hammmade Furniture for so long.  Someday I will order one.  They also make me want to spend more time with paints.  

I think this heart print is pretty enough for any room in the house.  It is offered in a variety of colors as well - maybe try gray or navy for a different take.

This dresser is an investment - but it's sure to last a lifetime.  I actually still have my baby dresser in our guest bedroom.  I keep finding myself on the verge of replacing it ... but I will probably just paint it again.

Brass and White Light - I like this look for over a kitchen or bathroom sink

My tea of choice lately - I've loved it for years, but now that I've ordered the teabags I brew a cup every day.  The taste is the same as the sachets.  They also have decaf which I am ordering next.  Enjoying a cup of tea helps keeps me from eating snacks.  This tea smells so good too.  Here is the description:  

Mike Harney has enjoyed many a pot of tea in the famous Paris tea shops. In homage, he created what's now become one of our most popular blends, reminiscent of a Parisian favorite. A fruity black tea with vanilla and caramel flavors, it contains a hint of lemony Bergamot. 

The other tea I buy over and over is ... Decaf Ginger Peach.

And ... because we can't have enough baskets or pom pom's this basket is a winner.  It is offered in two sizes, and it's neutral color and texture are wins for the house.

Thank you for reading.  I've been doing some demo, spackling, sanding, priming, and painting in my boys closets.   Very simple inserts get installed Tuesday, and then I can put our upstairs back together.  Though we donated a lot the upstairs is a mess with two closets sitting empty.  Looking forward to organization and order.

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