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I'm back:)  Life got so busy I couldn't handle anything extra.  Between throwing our annual 4th of July Party, attending college orientation, and then 2 weeks after the 4th of July party pulling off another party - N's graduation party -  it was a lot.  I had been working on our kitchen reno design as well, but that had to be put on the back burner until I could think straight again.  I haven't even celebrated my birthday, and I'm pretty sure that my family has actually forgotten!  Mom life.

Now that I just have to get Noah packed up for college I know I can start working on the kitchen again.  We have some construction issues with our house so that has slowed us up a bit too.  The construction is so crazy that the structural engineer is having trouble figuring it out.  Anyway ...  that's just a little of what life has been like lately.

I love this Monday Mix because it has some of the elements that I used at the graduation party.  I wore that dress.  It has pockets, and was so comfortable.  Lip gloss in one pocket and cell phone in the other for picture taking.  I got some cute shots - I will share a few soon.  Some of the dinner tables had the wooden beaded lanterns on them, others had either a rosemary, thyme, or yellow Latana plant.  I just set the pots from the garden store into white paper bags cut down to size.  Simple and cute.

Let's get to the details on this board :)

I loved this article from Apartment Therapy on the best gray paint colors for your home.  It's really well done, and a good one to check out!

If you are looking for a lantern that can work for casual, beachy, rustic, farm, industrial, boho, shabby this Wooden Beads Round Lantern is one to pick up.  It's also on clearance right now.  As I said above I used them at the grad party, and the guests really loved them.  They received many compliments.

I kinda really like glassware, and this Dusty Blue Luster Glass does not disappoint.  It's also under $5.

On 4th of July and for the grad party I did a quick decoration of cream cheese frosting on those little round brownie bites you can buy pretty much everywhere.  It made them look a little special, and this icing tool made it so quick and easy.  People thought they were from somewhere a little more special than the grocery store.

This next picture is of some more glassware that I really like.  Very simple and very functional.  You can find them here on the Farmhouse Pottery website.  (which has all kinds of pretty and useful things)

The dress!  It's the long spaghetti strap dress in blue gingham from J. Crew (on sale right now)  Be aware that it is very long.  I'm 5'6" and they had to hem like 10 inches off the bottom.  So much fabric, but once that was done it was great.  It was so comfortable.  I almost didn't wear it because of the hassel of alterations, but I'm so thankful I just went and got it done.  I wore it with pale pink flip flops from Old Navy.  I stayed up til almost 5 in the morning wearing that dress.  Really comfy!

Typography prints are always good - find the Adventure print here.

I'm pretty much obsessed with Jenny's Print shop - it is filled with beautiful pictures that you can download and print yourself at your favorite printers.  There are a few I'm going to order soon - including this photo called Chamomile.

This rechargeable LED Lamp has the prettiest shape.  When my boys were little they had something like this in their rooms called Candela Tooli in the blue/green.  We loved using those every night!  In just looking up those I found that this is made by the same company.  No wonder why I have good feelings about it!

Lastly, this coffee table!!!  You can choose from 3 different tops, and two bases.  I like this light oak base with the marble the best.  It is 36 inches round.  They also make a side table.

If your still reading thank you.  I'd rather not post as often and provide you with something good to look at and read rather than just throw anything out there.  I will share a few grad party pics when I get all the pictures together.  Hopefully later this week.

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