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9:30 PM

I have yet to post anything about the Christmas trees or decorations I have placed around our house and December is quickly coming to a close.  I love decorating for the holidays so I want to share a little glimpse of what we have out before it's too late!

This is a table that sits in our foyer.  At our Christmas party it is where I had our "cookie bar" set up.  I had white platters and black and white damask platters surrounding the candle holder.  Decorator's burlap was used as a table cover. 

This arrangement is on our farmhouse foyer table.

I filled the bottom of a white ceramic soup tureen with moss, mercury glass flower ornaments, bells that I tied red grosgrain ribbons on and a candle placed in a crown drinking glass.

Pottery Barn alphabet ornaments dress up glittered grapevine trees in a corner of our front room.  The J and N are for my boys first names.

This mercury glass candle holder is being used to display some organic candy canes made by Pure Fun Candy.  The color of the candy canes is so much softer than the regular kind and the taste is a bit sweeter.  Mine were found at the local supermarket but I spotted them at Whole Foods as well.

 This year in the kitchen I used the extra branches from our tree and mixed in some eucalyptus and round glitter ornaments.  I filled 2 glass hurricanes with walnuts and then topped them with glittered ivory battery operated candles.  I placed two more mercury glass candle holders in the greens.  I think it turned out pretty good. 

Galvanized numbered pots sit inside a green hutch in our great room.  I filled them each with natural tissue and then topped them with other items.  No. 1 has mercury glass ornaments, No. 3 has a candle holder with rolled up black and cream ribbon and No. 7 has a pinecone sphere.

I love the picture in the background of this photo.  It is a house made out of nothing but paper.  In front of it I placed little bowls I found at Anthropologie a few years ago.  Each one contains little bits of Christmas.

This display is in a corner of our downstairs.  A tin flower ornament hangs from a shelf bracket.  A wire basket holds a picture frame and an ornament.  Above the framed letter F you will see a set of german glitttler glass placecard holders and a pinecone sphere.

There is a quick peek at our holiday house.  Thanks for looking - the trees will be up next!

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