Necessary Retail Therapy ?

9:53 PM

Well, I happened upon a new coat and I love it!  After our dinner in Royal Oak we had thought about going to the mall, but instead decided to stay and walk around town.  I am so glad we did.  I think this coat is cuter than anything I could have found at the mall and it was really nice to buy from an independent store owner.  I love the ruffle that runs up the side and turns into a flower and the bottom has a fun little poof.   The length hits a bit above the knee.  My husband has disliked the Spring coat that I have been wearing for the last few years so he was happy about the find as well.  I really don't think my old coat is that bad.  By the way, have you ever tried to take pictures of clothing?  It's kind of difficult.

This was also my lucky week as far as jewelry is concerned.  Look what was on Gilt this week!  The Noir ring I had been waiting for.  I was so hoping that they would have it on their site again.  I am so excited!  For me this is a bit edgy but I so love it!   I think that sometimes it is good to step outside our comfort zones.  I can't wait to wear it.  Have you seen Sephora's Opi Nail Polish line.  My sister tuned me into a color called I'm With Brad.  The color looks different depending on what light your in.  It can look black and then in the sun it has a wine tint to it.  It's a great color and I think it would be fun to wear it with this ring.

Those were my fun finds of the week.  Well, I might have found an adorable pair of shoes on clearance in a little boutique today.  What are the odds that the cute pair would actually be left in my size.   As I was looking at the three remaining boxes I had no faith my size would be there.  I had to bring them home - but that will be included in a future post.   

Really honey, I never buy anything!  

Has anyone else found just what they were looking for? 

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