Plain Peat Pots Turned Into Valentine Candleholders!

10:10 AM

I have a project to share today that I think you may adore!

With a ruffle added, some decoration, and a battery operated tea light candle little embellished peat pots make the best candleholders. 

Here is how you can create your own:

The supplies along with some things I made for the project.

I started by taking a roll of crepe streamer, and turning it into a roll of ruffles.  I just gathered a bit at a time and used scotch tape to secure it at the bottom edge.  I made it while watching t.v. - it does take some time.

I then made some more dictionary page and seam binding garland (just like what I made for the Christmas Tree this year)  For directions click here.

Next up - glittered hearts.  Simply paint packing paper using Martha Stewart glitter paint.  I found the above color really horrible when painted on white, but on the brown paper it turns into one of my favorite pinks.  When the paint dried I cut out some hearts.

Next up - words printed out on faint blue paper.  I used adore, true love, be mine, and hugs.  I wanted little sentiments like you find on conversation hearts.  The only other items used were ribbon and round glitter stickers found at the craft store.  Oh, and the peat pots.

So, the plain little pot.

Use hot glue to attach each item.  For the ruffle I ran a line of hot glue around one side at a time and arranged the ruffle so the tape was below the rim.

1. Glue on ruffle

2.  Glue on garland

3.  Add embellishments

I'm thinking they turned out really adorable, but the next step makes them even better.

Add battery operated tea light candles.  I placed some in glass holders inside the peat pots, and just popped the others into the bottom of the pots.  It works either way.

The ruffle illuminates so nicely and flickers just like the candle.
I hope you love them as much as I do!

I used them plain on the boys birthday table.  See that post here.

Made the holder with the glittered bird at Christmas.

Made them in black for Halloween (here and here).  My other Halloween holder had a black glittered spider attached.  This just gives you the idea that with your imagination, and any embellishments of your choice you can create your own one of a kind peat pot candle holders.

Thanks for reading!  Hope you have a great Monday!

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