11:51 AM

Hello!  Sorry for a bit of an absence.  With the boys back at school I've been catching up with friends (a.k.a. - eating yummy food at great restaurants) - visiting some estate sales - I shopped at one of my favorite home stores - went on a beautiful tour of homes in Birmingham with my mom (I could move right into one of them - wish I was allowed to take photo's so I could share) - worked the health room at Noah's school - been trying lots of new recipes - and today I officially became a garbage picker.  I'm not sure my husband is going to be happy about that last one!  Sometime soon I will show you what I scored!  

So enough fun for me - this week I am starting to go through everything in my home office.  I hope that within a few weeks I will have it cleaned out and freshened up.  Lots of clearing out and some decorating to finish the space.  Lots of decisions!  I'll keep you posted!

Meanwhile ...

I picked up this pretty little teacup at Goodwill.  No saucer but that was perfectly fine with me.  Now there will be no way for me to get it confused with my Grandma's teacups.

I added a little glitter crow ...

and some candy corn!  My first Fall decoration.  I love to mix purple in at Halloween so this cup seemed like a good starting point.  After the holiday I think I will use it as a scoop inside my glass sugar canister!

Hope you day is great!

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