A Little More of the Guest Room

11:53 PM

Here are a few more updates in the guest room.

happy pillows ...

Artwork in colors I like for the room - the frame is just really shiny so I have to decide what I'm going to do about that.

A vintage wall candleholder ...  found at an estate sale.

A peek at the painted and distressed trough.  I dry brushed a gray blue over the cream.  I'll take better photo's when I have better light.

I've been really busy around here with general life and with organizing some home improvement projects that we are going to start in January.  Every update takes so many trips to finalize!  Wood floors are going to be refinished darker and new carpet will be laid.  Our kitchen center aisle is also being replaced with a vintage piece of furniture.  I purchased that piece today and am so excited!  I LOVE it!  My husband will see it tomorrow and I hope he likes it!!!  He is really trusting of my decisions so that helps!  I hope it all comes together well - I'm nervous about the change!  What if I mess everything up?  

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