Our Simple Mantle

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In all honesty, our mantle stays pretty much the same year round - I like it the way it is so I stick with it.  For the holidays I decided to add a few greens and a little sparkle and managed to do it by gathering things I had around the house.

 This is the section I changed a little bit.  The rest is just as it was.

I added greens and bells.

Pinecone balls and candlelight.

All of the glass pieces on the mantle were picked up at Goodwill.  I loved the shape and the pressed image in the  far holder.  It's filled with bells tied with grosgrain ribbon.  Super simple and you can use any ribbon color you like.

This piece had such a unique shape.  Like a glass trophy cup.

This is the first one I picked up.  They really cast a nice glow when lit. 

I felt really smart when looking through one of the latest Pottery Barn catalogs.  On a table they had a whole assortment of glass like this holding candles.  Wow, I felt like I had vision since I had been amassing a collection of my own for this very purpose.  That's how much of a dork I am.  Things like that excite me.  Dessert cups turned candle holders.

Battery operated candles top the old corbels.

I finished stitching the stockings for Josh and Noah when they were born.  I admit it took me many years to hand them over to someone who made them into the actual stockings.  Good things can happen when you give up control and I was so relieved when I saw what a wonderful job she did!  I had the inside lined with natural denim and used navy and cream ticking - the wrongside - for the hanger and stocking backs.  Edged with a green cording.

My boys really love them and they sure can hold a lot!

So, that's the mantle.  Thanks so much for stopping by!  I'll post the tree's soon.  One more to decorate.

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