Christmas Party Invites - Part 1 - Working on the Idea

7:25 AM

 It's almost time for a party!

Here is the starting point of this years invitation.  I knew I wanted to use glassine envelopes - I wanted them to be long and narrow.  The rest just worked itself out.

I had a completely different vision for the rest of the invitation - maybe that thought will become next years.  I sketched it out so I won't forget!
Anyhow, everything changed when I found this owl embossed punch by Martha Stewart.

Then I was thinking tiny beads on string and ended up with sequins.

I glued and glued and glued.  Here they are drying upside down.

I am happy to say this experiment worked out very well.  Everything stayed attached.

I think this post will be way to long if I go through everything today so please come back tomorrow and see the finished invites!

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