Tree #1 - The Kid Tree

3:15 PM

We love Christmas and all of our traditions that go along with the holiday! 

Decorating the house is so much fun and makes our house look so much better.  The lights, glitter, and shiny ornaments - LOVE.

Our rooms have been decorated for weeks now and we are enjoying the tree's and ornaments so much.  This is our front room and we call this tree "The Kid Tree".

This tree is covered in vintage Shiny Brite ornaments, ornaments Josh and Noah made, transportation ornaments, and a handful of other kid ornaments.  Each year we add some kind of vehicle to their collection.  Usually a Hallmark classic truck or car of some sort.

Here is the other side of the room.

It's so nice to have drapes this year.

View from the foyer.  Also, when you sit in the great room you can see this tree too.  I think it is really pretty.

Closer view of some of our decorations.

I added a feather tree and a large mercury glass ornament to the table.

This picture turned out neat.  It looks like the feather tree is lit, but the lights are just a reflection in the glass of the window.  Somehow it lined up perfectly.

I have two more trees to share.  I'll try to get some photo's tonight!

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