Tree #3 - Mix of Santa's, Shine, and Memories

1:30 PM

 Tree number three is full of effort.  Over the years I've stitched up twenty or so Santa ornaments and probably have at least that many left to create.

My boy's seem to enjoy the Santa ornaments the most.  I love their handmade ornaments and they love mine.  That works out well!

I love getting everything out each year and remembering and also finding different ornaments that I had forgotten about.

Some favorites!

Since the Santa's don't reflect the Christmas lights I like to mix them with shiny and glittered ornaments and also special ornaments that hung on my tree when I was growing up.  The granny and clown are dated 1974.  The angel is old and a couple of the clear ornaments that can't be seen very well in this photo are also from childhood.

My Grandma B made that paper umbrella ornament.  I treasure it!

Newer additions.

See that gingerbread looking ornament - It has a simple look but is so pretty on the tree.  The "icing" and "sugar" shine so nicely.   Someday I hope I'll find more.

I finally took our Christmas card photo yesterday.  Had them printed in between visiting a friend and knitting.  Addressed them last night.  In the mail today.  Nothing like being last minute!  Hopefully tonight I'll take pictures of Tree #3.

Have a happy day!

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