Lot's To Be Thankful For

11:50 PM

Happy Thanksgiving!

Hopefully everyone enjoyed the holiday.  It's nice to have a day that reminds me of all that I have to be thankful for - and that would be an awful lot!  I am grateful for every day I have with my family - that's what life is really about!

G had to visit the vet yesterday.  High speed running injury - two staples in her little leg.  She is being really good at not bothering the bandage.  I think she doesn't want to have to wear the cone of shame.  When I take her outside I have to wrap her foot in press and seal wrap to keep it dry.  When she walks it's funny because you hear stick, stick, stick.  Poor girl.

The table starting point - a flower made of tissue and old sheet music, drinking glasses filled with legumes and candles, ribbon, and my green pumpkins.

I mixed and matched the place settings.  Used our everyday items.  Napkins tied with butchers twine.

The centerpiece is made of wire planters that I flipped upside down.  The give thanks tag is hand stamped.

 Pumpkins rest on moss high on the planters.

  Under one planter there is the flower and some old dessert dishes - one filled with more legumes.  The color of the legumes is really pretty - like the color of hydrangea leaves.

The other holds a vintage Detroit plate that I just found at Fourth Street Mercantile.

I couldn't pass it up and am so glad that I didn't!

And with candlelight.  Dinner was so delicious.  My husband loves to cook so he deep fried our turkey and whipped up all kinds of traditional delicious sides.  Salad, green bean casserole, stuffing, special mashed potatoes.  All I had to cook was my grandma's chocolate pudding.  We also had pumpkin pie and bacon apple crisp supplied by our guests so I made the pudding in really small canning jars.  

I think it's nice to keep Thanksgiving simple.

My nephew has been released from the ICU and will be starting his therapy very soon.  He had a setback last weekend and had to have another emergency surgery.  We are truly thankful that this little man is here to bless us with his company.  Thank God!  He has a really long road ahead of him and we are praying for a speedy recovery.  To say things have been hard for him is an understatement.  He wants to go home badly but it will be awhile.
I'm going to go hug my little loves and get them to bed.  Josh wants to wake up at 4 and go out shopping not because we want to get any certain thing - more just for the heck of it.  We'll see!

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