My Vintage Reader's Digest Books

12:00 AM

Today I spent a little time organizing my Reader's Digest Books.   I hadn't given them a home again since the carpeting was installed so it was time!  

They were my Grandma's books and I treasure them.  I enjoy reading the same stories she spent time reading.  

They are also fun to place here and there around the house for extra pattern and color.

The oldest books I have are from 1969 (above).  Back then they mixed up the prints and color throughout the year.

In the early seventies they began using a specific print each year, but with every new volume they would switch up the color.

Some of my favorite prints:

I just thought I might as well snap a few photo's since I had them all out.
My husband really wants me to part with them.
I  just can't.
I think I will be fine with reading the newer books without the pretty covers, and then passing them along.  That's a little compromise and a lot of reading.

Have you read any great books lately?

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