Little Pops of Color

1:38 PM

It is so nice to have flowers blooming outside.
Even bringing in just a couple makes everything so much nicer to look at.

Do you see my extra little friend on the pansy.  That little green bug stayed on that flower all day long.  I put the flower back outside at night and in the morning he was gone.  The boys figured he was not one for water.  My husband couldn't quite understand why I went to the trouble of putting the flower back out at night.  That bug was just too cute!

I remember on an earlier post I mentioned that sometimes when I take a photo there will be a bit of a mess right beside what I am taking a picture of.  Here is an example.  Just went to Ikea with my friend Karen last week and hadn't gotten to washing everything yet.  I like my new mixing bowl.  Ikea is discontinuing it so if you like it go soon!  The towels will also be great to use for napkins.

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