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4:58 PM

I am so happy that school is out!  As the boys get older things change a bit as far as activities so I'm struggling a bit with that, but it is really nice to have Josh and Noah home!  I am the mom that completely enjoys Summer vacation!

I decided as a end of year gift for the teachers that I would make them some of my flowers.  This batch went to my oldest son's teacher.

Josh's teacher is in charge of the big play each year - this year the kids performed A Midsummer Night's Dream.  The lines that they memorized - I can say that I was very impressed!  A whole lot of work went into that play!

I happened to have an old book of Shakespeare's plays so I tore out some of the pages from Midsummer Night's Dream and got creative.  I have been adding little word tags to my flowers lately and I thought achieve-become-grow on one flower and inspire on the other was just what she does for her students!
I quickly ran outside and took a few photo's and hoped that the early morning sprinklers wouldn't decide to turn on at that moment!

I don't have any photo's of the flowers that went to Noah's teachers. 
His English and Reading teacher received a flower made with dictionary pages - words used: english, reading, and enrich.  I made pretty light pink flowers for his other two teachers and attached words that I thought fit them.

A glittered tag holder dresses up the galvanized container.

The flowers dress up the simple wrapping.  I found the monogram cards at Target a few years back.  I like the colors on that card - I'm thinking I might just frame one!

Hope you have a good weekend.  I'm hoping to get over my cold - I started summer vacation with a cold and an inner ear problem that was making me dizzy - not the best timing, but we have still enjoyed the week as much as possible!

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