Dressing Up A Simple Wooden Box

10:07 AM

Many months ago while shopping at Home Goods I spied a few of the little creamy white  painted bamboo boxes below.  They are kitchen utensil holders, but I thought they would make fun little storage boxes in our office.  They were also on clearance for a few dollars each so why not bring them home.

I wanted to dress them up a little since they are super simple.

Inspiration found me at the craft store.  Have you spotted the glitter label holders.  They sell them in many shapes and glitter colors.  All I did was attach them to the boxes with Elmer's glue, and let the glue dry overnight.  One of the glitter holders had a little more curve to it so I just bent it a little, and sat it under some really heavy books for a few days.   The weight did the trick and helped flatten it out.

The holder helps the boxes look a little more office - and the bling is a little fun.  I think the holders would also be nice attached to a picture frame - below the subject.  I don't even think you need to add a word label.  They are pretty nice on their own.  Our office shelves are in a pretty dark spot so sorry for the bad quality photos.

Hope you like this very simple idea.

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