Modern Childish Home - Take A Peek At The Unexpected That Waits Inside!

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Yesterday I went on a home tour with my mom.  I have to share some photo's with you of one of my favorites.  This home's space planning was perfection - they took huge risks in their decorating choices.  You just felt this family's fun and happiness the moment you stepped inside.

Let's get started!

The traditional exterior of this 1997 built Tudor style home.  Impeccable landscaping!

The foyer - That is the front door which leads into the spacious and whimsical foyer.  Ugly dolls line two walls floor to ceiling, and the oversize ottoman is the perfect spot to take off your shoes.

A colorful dining room is to the left of the foyer.  Bright green damask wallpaper and a brightly painted chandelier add to the fun.

This room is off the right side of the foyer.  They call it their fine arts studio.  The art table is their old dining table which they cut down to kid height.  The floor is made from a high gloss black epoxy and has been splattered with silver metallic paint.  I really LOVED this space!  From the green piano to the traditional walls with the modern floor.  A kid friendly super creative space!

The kitchen sits just behind the dining room.  I really liked the repetition of the Keep Calm posters in multiple colors.  I also thought the barstools were the perfect shade of green - so well made - gorgeous tufted backs.  I'd love to serve my kids breakfast there!

The family room is at the back of the house, and to the right of the kitchen.  In the left far corner they have an outdoor Florida type room dining area.  The family room was just so comfortable.  The large sofa faces beautiful built in's, television, and fireplace.

The master bedroom was beautifully neutral.   It had a family photo gallery, and some guitars hanging on the wall.

Right outside of the master is this little deck with a firepit.  Great idea!

Lastly I have to show you their sons room.  I love the use of color.  What a fun place to grow up!!!

I like how they have a couple things we are putting into Noah's room.  He will also have one large chalkboard wall, and we are hanging his guitars.  It was fun to see both ideas somewhere else.

I hope you enjoyed this house!  I love how they took risks, love how family friendly the entire space was, love their wide hallways. 

All of the above photos are from The Detroit News.  If you want to read the article and see more photo's of this home click here.

I wish I could have shown you the other showstopper, but they are private residences so no photo's allowed.

Have a happy day!

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