Emily Bond Fabric - Dogs, Farm Animals, Etc.

7:02 AM

Remember that house from my last post?  They had a bench in the upstairs hall with a pillow resting on it that I really liked.  It had the silhouettes of running Whippets (or Greyhounds).  Josh wants this really graphic Whippet poster for his room, and I was thinking that this fabric might be a nice accent.  Just one small pillow.  He has been in the mode lately that no matter what I suggest - the answer is no - so that will probably be the answer again anyway.  In my next post I'll show you the poster and the other fabric.

As I was searching online for some whippet print fabric I stumbled across a collection of  whimsical and fun fabrics.  I'm thinking I need some - now ...

They were designed by Emily Bond.  Let's take a look ...

Emily has a whole line of items she makes.  Cushions, dog beds, hot water bottle covers, tea towels, and more.  I also found some items that someone makes and sells on Ebay.

This fabric has the Whippet!

She also has a grouping of farm animal fabrics, and all the prints are all available as wallpaper too.  I just thought they were graphic and fresh in their simplicity so I thought I'd share.

All photo's are from the Emily Bond website.

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