The Project - Weekend Getaway Satchel

10:52 AM

This is my never ending knitting project that I am determined to finish this year.  I figure maybe if I post this demand on myself on this blog I may just succeed!

It's THAT project I keep putting away.  I make something else, and then drag this back out - only to get frustrated and put it back away while I make something else.  I have finished the sides, the back, and the red straps.  They were all solid and no problem.

This is the pattern.  I am on the line right above the green tape.  I have a ways to go.  When I finish the knitting I follow with embroidering more colors over this pattern - felting the wool - cutting the pieces to the right dimensions, and then putting it together.  I'm very happy you don't have to line a felted bag!

Really, the hardest part is sorting and untangling all of the balls of yarn colors you use at the same time.  It's a crazy mess!

Hope you have a great day!  I had parking lot duty this morning at school - think 32-34 degree's and pounding freezing rain.  Oh how I was wishing for a freezing rain day!  I think I'm finally warming up!  Sometimes you end up getting such a beautiful day for that job, and then days like today hit.  It makes it interesting!

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