Using Tickets as Ribbon

11:36 AM

I'm still doing my best to use things I have on hand instead of running out to buy something new.  Here are a couple of gifts I've recently wrapped.

This one turned out pretty cute.  I had everything.  The tickets were rolled up in my drawer by the blue bow.  I grabbed them and tried them as a ribbon - I think it worked great, and guess what else I learned?  Little people really like tickets!  The kids were excited to separate and use them in their play.

We also just celebrated Noah's birthday.  I decided to wrap tickets around his boxes too!
 I had to buy this wrap - no other boy wrap around the house.  I picked it up because it was happy like Noah.  If I had more time I would have looked somewhere else for more grown up paper.   This is from Target, and surprisingly there wasn't much too choose from the day I was there.  I really should have looked somewhere else.  Oh well,  he loved his gifts, and probably didn't think anything of the paper anyhow.

Instead of a bow I stamped his name on a ticket.   The ticket ends were taped together on the bottom of the boxes.

Just a little idea to share.

I haven't had a chance to read blogs lately, and as you can tell I've neglected mine.  Life has gotten really busy, and my time has been needed elsewhere.  It should somewhat slow down mid next week I hope.  I am really looking forward to Summer Vacation.

I will be back in a day or so with my recipe for the cake Noah requests every year for his birthday.  It's a good one, and super easy! 


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