Last Minute Party Table - A Gentleman's Theme & Earl Grey Dark Chocolate Cupcakes

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Life has been full of activity at our house this Spring.
We didn't plan anything big this year for our boys birthday party.  No invitations - which I love to create.  No big guest list.  I didn't even have plans for table decorations.   The only thing we planned was to order breadsticks,  pepperoni pizza, and a Greek salad from one of our favorite pizza places - The Alibi.  A couple days before the party I decided I couldn't just leave things super simple.  This really isn't my entire plan - we had other events in between so I ran out of time - but I will show you how it turned out, and mention what I wished to have completed.

I was going for a gentleman's theme.
 Kind of old school.

All of the cups, plates, napkins, etc. are from Party City.  Since I didn't end up finishing my theme I didn't use the really neat plates I had bought for the table.  I think when it is J's actual birthday I will use them and hopefully finish up my initial plan.  They are chocolate brown - rectangular - and have what looks like white stitching on them.  It was my interpretation of the tailored suit.

Cupcakes on a Target Missoni purchase.

There were pretzels and nuts on the table - kind of like game night poker I guess.

And, yes, the controversial candy cigarettes.  The kids loved them, and I don't feel that this will cause them to start smoking.  I loved them as a kid too, and I never started.  One candy shop I went to didn't have them - she said she just couldn't buy them.  Oh well.

Nothing fancy.

Imagine this - the fabric in this silver pitcher was supposed to be made into bow ties which were going to be wrapped around white cloth napkins as the napkin holders.

What was on the kitchen island.

The cupcakes were a hit.   I thought a nice dark cupcake would be the perfect masculine addition.  I found the recipe through Pinterest.  They were unique and delicious.  It comes from the Desserts for Breakfast blog.  They are called Earl Grey Dark Chocolate Cupcakes.  You actually infuse the ganache frosting with Earl Grey tea.  I think the ganache would be really good spread across the top of a sugar cookie too!  Click  here  for the recipe.

As my boys get older and older there is less I can do for their table.  Of the last four years 3 were requested baseball theme, and then last year they didn't care so I decorated the table for all of their little cousins that were coming.  How time flies!

To see photo's of the parties and invitations from their vintage baseball party, and woodland themed party click the birthday party label link on the blog sidebar.

Thank you so much for visiting my blog and reading!  Thank you also for your thoughtful comments.  They put a smile on my face, and motivate me to keep creating and sharing.  I love that the blog world opens you up to meeting all kinds of new friends - Hopefully someday I will have the chance to meet some of you in real life!

Hope you enjoy a happy day!

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