Fourth of July - Smore's Bar

10:54 PM

I hope everyone enjoyed a safe and happy Fourth of July.

It was super hot here in Michigan.  About 100 degrees.  Thankfully the pool kept everyone entertained and cool.  We had a Smore's bar again this year.  Because of the heat, and random thunderstorms I waited to set it up right at dessert time.   Chocolate sure melts fast.  I couldn't even unwrap all of the graham crackers - one pack at a time or they would have lost their crispiness.  The Smore's bar was instantly surrounded so there aren't any detailed photo's.  The little bamboo tray in the upper right hand photo really was loaded up with little chocolate bars.  I had 2 other large stacks of full size bars.  We also used Reese's.  The decor was simply blues and whites this year.  

To see last years Smore's bar click here.

I'll show you how I made my super quick Smore's sign in my next post!  It turned out cute, and was very easy to create.  I made all of my 4th decorations very last minute - I'll share them anyway - it can be inspiration for next year, or really for any kind of party.

Be back soon!

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