Smore's Sign & What I'm Wearing Today

10:33 AM

I whipped up this sign for our Smore's Bar pretty much as company started arriving.  Sometimes I think I work better under pressure because whatever I'm working on just has to get done, and there is no time for thinking.

Here are some quick instructions - and you can use this to make any word for any occasion, space, person.  Even in a shop where you sell empty frames you could make some of these up, and sell them in addition to the frames.  I think people would snap them up!

I used a font called Circus.  I typed out my word with a space between each letter.  I then enlarged the letters, and made them navy blue.  To cut out each letter I lined up the edge of my cutter with the edge of each side of each letter, and then cut.  That way the spacing around each letter would be the same.  I hope that makes sense.  See photo above.

I opened my office drawer, and there was the navy stripe ribbon so I grabbed it.  At first I was going to use jute twine, but this was much better for the occasion.

Next, 2 holes were punched above each letter so they could be slipped on the ribbon.  I used my office stapler to secure the ribbon to the back of the frame.  It held great!

I already had this pinwheel made up - it was just sitting on the desk.  I grabbed it, rolled up tape to secure it from it's underside to the frame.  It also held with zero problem.

This tiny glittered clothespin is acting as the apostrophe.

It was simple and quick.

Little details like this really make a big difference.

I just took the frame out back today to take a few photo's.  We had our big mirror out for the Fourth. 

Thanks for reading!

Next I will show you how I made the glittered clothespins - no mess - no fuss!  I think you'll like them!

Oh - almost forgot - what I'm wearing today -

Target Converse Dress

Kohl's Vera Wang Flip Flops

To dress it up just a bit I'll wear my black Toms wedge's, and add a teal cardigan.  I know it doesn't look like it matches, but it really works.  This cardigan is from J. Crew - mine is older and was from Max Studio, but it looks just like this.

I've been wearing this a lot this Summer.  Easy to throw on, and comfortable.  Much cuter on in real life. 

Hope you enjoy a great rest of the weekend!

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