How to Make Simple - No Mess - Glittered Clothespins

6:30 AM

Ready to bling out some clothespins a neat and simple way?

Before the Fourth I bought a bunch of clothespins and some Rit dye.  I was planning on dyeing them and making a fun banner out of them.  I'm still going to try it, but before I got to it some glitter tape caught my eye!  

In the past I had wanted to break out the glitter, but I wasn't really wanting to make a mess.  This tape looked like it would be the perfect width for my clothespins.  In my cart it went, and a new plan was underway.

 American Crafts Glitter Tape

A bowl of clothespins - It's really best to pick them up at the hardware store.  I found that there is a reason they cost a dollar at the dollar store.  The dollar store clothespins slide apart really easy, and don't grip well at all.

 All you need to do is line up the glitter tape against the clothespin.  Cut the tape to fit, and make sure the ends of your tape are cut really straight.  The straight line gives it a nice and neat finished look.

 Peel the backing off of the cut piece of tape.  Line the tape up, and stick it to the clothespin.  If you cut the tape a little long you can just lift it up from the end of the clothespin, and trim it a bit more.

 Cover one side or both - depending on how you are using them.  Even add a magnet back so it can be used on the fridge or a magnet wall or board.

There are lots and lots of colors to choose from.   I want to make some in the Peacock shade.  

This tape really is great because the glitter doesn't fall off.  There is no mess at all!

I think they would be fun as part of a gift too!

Hope you like them!  Is this something you think you would make and use?

I also have to thank my Noah for taking a couple of pictures of me working on this project.  I think he did a great job!  
Shirt:  J. Crew (past season)  
Polish - Essie Nice is Nice

I'll show you my Fourth of July clothespin decoration next.  I know the Fourth is over, but I still have some photo's I can share!

Hope your day is happy!

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