Not The Timeliest Post, But Still A CuTe CrAfT Project

10:52 PM


I was having trouble with my computer - still not exactly sure if it is me or the computer.   I finally got this far so I will just keep on typing.

I promised to show you what else I used the glittered clothespins for.   I made some fabric tassels - cut down some paint chips (inspired by Jones Design) - added glittered letters.  Two of my favorite girls, Courtney and Rachel, helped me to decide that the word should be Freedom.  I then just used everything together to make our Fourth of July inside banner.

Yes, the fourth.  Embarrassed to post them now - but I promised.  My photo's aren't completely cooperating either, but hopefully it's o.k. enough.

Top left:  the dress I wore on the Fourth (anthropologie)
Top right:  My friend Karen brought me some hydrangeas from her garden.  They are beautiful, and I love the mustard ribbon too.  So sweet of her!
Bottom:  Banner and Slight view of the tassels

Here is a better view of the tassel.  I found some fun dotted and floral fabric to use together.

So - that's another little project that can easily be made, and switched up to suit what is happening in your life.  

Thanks for stopping by!

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