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Friday, December 14, 2012

Bathroom Update

Happy Friday!

I'm so glad the weekend is near.  I didn't do any Christmas shopping until about 2 days ago.  I planned everything out really well on paper so it's been pretty easy.  I'm thankful for that.  I of course love my boys to pieces, but shuffling them back and fourth from school and activities has made for really busy evenings the past two weeks. J started drivers training - N is on the basketball team.  There is a super strange guy that works at the drivers training company that has made it very funny.  I may share the full story at some point, but you probably really have to experience it to understand the funny!  I really just want to sit in the great room with the tree and fireplace lit, and watch some lighthearted Christmas Hallmark movies!  I'm also really wanting to make the pretty sugar cut out cookies.  I feel the patience in me for that type of activity this year.

Now, on to the bathroom update.

First, I'm going to show you the good!

Shower walls, floor, and the baseboard.

Shower crown molding and ceiling.

So that is the very traditional and fancy part!

The ceramic tile floor that resembles old wood.  LOVE!

Now on to the bad and ugly.

The beautiful walls are still there.

Happily, Saturday they will start to find themselves being covered in 8 inch wide horizontal shiplap board :)
Say goodbye to the early 90's!  We have decided to trim the wood walls out very simply by just using quarter round trim - that way the trim won't fight with the walls, and it will also leave the shower area as the fancy part.  Each decision gets a little nervewracking - I am not a "professional" designer I just like design so I run with what I think is the best choice, and hope it is.  So far, so good.  Some more of the big decisions are coming though, and I just hope they work!  My other goal is that this bathroom is easy to care for with items that will be easy to clean.  Wait til you see the toilet.  Seriously, as far as someone who cleans the toilet I love this thing!  You might also find my decision on the lighting different.  It's risky I guess, and luckily my husband is open to my crazy ideas.

Just more photo's of the unfinished.

Oh, and what color of white to paint the walls.

I believe I am going to choose either white dove (on the left, bottom), or cloud white (on the right, top)

In this photo cloud white is the top swatch - white dove the bottom.

I think I am leaning toward white dove, but I will keep going in there today at different times until I decide.

Thank you for reading!


Anonymous said...

What is the mfr/color of the wood floor tile? exactly what I need!

Lynda @ Happenstance Home said...

Floor tile is from the Tile Shop. Item 682216 Bayur Borneo - Grout color is 052000 - Natural Sanded.

kim chiasson said...

Where do you buy the tile?

kim chiasson said...

Oops just saw my answer

kim chiasson said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Virginia Llorca said...

I have a shower to redo. The ceiling is tiled. Did you have to use special mastic for the ceiling? I will be ripping old out. Also want to take out plastic pan. How did you do that step in ledge? Love your choices. Ceramic baseboard is beautiful.

Bader said...

where did you find your tile for the shower? Thanks!

Charles Wilhelm said...

Hey I like the hexagon tile you did in the shower. Where did you find it? The only hex tile I can find in that color is the small penny tile.

Susan Hirst said...


I see this is an old post. But that's great! I was wondering how the marble has held up over time? Any issues? I'm considering the same hex in the shower and on my bathroom floor. But I'm afraid. I have carerra in my kitchen and I don't think I'd do it again.

cj said...

I, too, am interested in the hex floor tile. Can you tell us where you found it?

Dimonds said...

Where did you buy your Hex tile? Been looking for the same thing.

Arielle Wizman said...

Hello there! Can you please tell me the name of the tile that you used on the shower wall? Is it also from the tile shop?

Thanks very much!

Pam Smith said...

I didn't see where there was an answer as to where you bought your shower tiles??