A Glace At Our Christmas House

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I'm going to start my Christmas house tour in the walkout, and this post will mainly be about the walkout area.  

I changed this tree up a little bit from last year.

I love the little woodland animal ornaments.  I bought some last year, and added 2 more this year.  I didn't want to hang them on the tree so I decided to use them below.

The tree down here is a smaller tree.  We just wanted to bring Christmas to this part of the house too!

Everything on this tree is glittery, and more natural, but with a industrial type mix I guess I'd call it.  Once again I used the I mailbox numbers from the hardware store, and the domino ornaments I made.

Last years tree had pinecone ornaments - this year I replaced them with photo's that I had used on our Christmas breakfast table last year.  I love it so much more!

I also added ornaments that I made for my shop.

Under the tree I used the animals, books, muslin wrapped around boxes, glitter number tags I made,  oh, and my favorite - the bundles of burlap - wrapped up with muslin and ribbons, and with the glitter tags they are really one of my very favorite new things this year.

My take on the clothespin reindeer - German glass glitter nose with a lace wrap.

Lastly, I placed the tree inside a burlap bag I found on sale at the Pottery Barn outlet last summer.  I think I like it better than the baskets of years past.

So that is what you will find downstairs.

I will share a quick look upstairs today - full posts will be coming ...

Front room:


Guinness in "her chair"

Great Room:

To see more photo's of Christmas at our house from years past please click here.

Thanks for looking!

To see more decorating ideas be sure to visit Jen Rizzo and her virtual holiday housewalk party!  So much Christmas goodness!

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