Closing Out The Year

8:31 PM

I never posted anymore photos of our Christmas house.
Here are a few to close the season with.

Guinness Christmas morning.  

Great room tree with all of my handstitched Santa's.

Breakfast table waiting for the French Eggs.

I had some glittery ribbon on hand so I made myself use it this year.  Note to self - glitter ribbon is pretty, but not worth the mess.  For the tags I ended up using tissue paper from Anthropologie.  I layered the decorative sheet under the cream sheet, and just cut it out to look like a tag - penciled in the names.  This striped wrap above looked nice, but there was a gold glitter stripe in it, and it also made a great mess.  This year I just went with any imperfections.  In the grand scheme it's nothing.  Probably like many I find myself not letting things frustrate me.  Really nothing is a grand problem - I have my family, friends, food, shelter, health, talents, etc.   Complaining or dwelling about anything after the Newtown tragedy really just seems self absorbed to me.  There is just no need.

We will always have a few gifts from Santa.  This wrap was cheery.  I reused tags from past Christmases.

I have lots of posts about Christmas on my sidebar.  Sorry I'm not sharing more about it this year.

Enjoy and safe and happy New Year!

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