Christmas Dining Room - Simply & Quickly Decorated With Yarn Ball Garland, Wrapping Paper Runner, Glitter Trees

11:50 PM

I wanted our dining room table to be colorful and fun this year.  Pretty much all of my decorations this year have pops of color and whimsy.  Here is what I came up with after opening a drawer in my front room, and finding the yarn garland that had been hanging across my mantle the last couple of years.

View from dining room into great room.

View from dining room to front room.

The glitter trees are from Walmart a few years ago.  They are in the vases along with Epsom salt for snow.

The twig stars and bottle brush tree ornaments are from Jo-Ann's this year.  I attached the ornament to the star and hung them from the drapery rod.

View from dining room into kitchen.
It's not often that my house is this tidy.

The other new Christmas items found for our house this year were prints I ordered from Jones Design Company.  This is the one created by Lindsay Letters.

Birds nest and mercury ornaments under the cloche.  Picture of J and N when they met Guinness for the first time.  I love how J is holding her.  Funny!

So, that's the dining room.  I am so behind on Christmas this year.  You will be seeing photo's well after.  I think this is the least organized I have been in years.  It will get done though.  I just made up some cookie batter, and made the bacon for our Christmas breakfast dish.  Trying to get a little head start.  I still need to make a chocolate cheesecake and a Harvey Wallbanger cake.  That will come tomorrow :)  All the gifts are wrapped except the ones for J and N so that is not too bad either.

I'm going to have to decide what plates and napkins to use for Christmas dinner.  This was how the table looked for our party.  Be back soon!

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