Cozy Christmas Front Room - Tree Decorated With Vintage Shiny Brites, Handmade, and Boy's Yearly Ornaments

9:10 AM

I always like the feel of our front room.  It's a cozy little space.

This chair is usually in our foyer.  I bought it at an estate sale - the seat was that perfect.  It just needed a coat of paint.  My boys always leave their ties thrown on it, and I actually really like the fun and color so I just leave them there.  This is real life. 

Made more paper trees this year.   This print is from Gus and Lula.


View from dining room.

The bright and happy tree.

Each year we have added transportation ornaments for the boys, but this year I changed things up.   I could not resist the Wilbury ornaments from Anthropologie.  My boys LOVED them.  The one above was for my oldest, and Noah has the fox.  So much personality.  I really hope they create more for next year.

Mix of handmade and vintage.

My handmade paper flowers, vintage silver ring box, grandmas camera, and some Polaroid cards I picked up at Target.  The note card set would make a great gift.

Vintage blanket was in Josh's room, but ended up in here somehow and has stayed.

So that is our little front room.  Super peaceful to sit and look at the lights in the evening.
More Christmas to come ...  Probably the dining room next!

Happy Wednesday!

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