Our Walk Out - A Little More Christmas Lit and Unlit

9:26 AM

This is our walkout.  The lighting is crazy down here so it is generally really hard to get good accurate color pictures.  This day most of my photo's turned out pretty well.

This year I decided to remove all of the black that was used in the past.  It was a much more cheerful tree.  I'm going to pretty much just let the photo's do the talking.

I only added a few things this year - a few pink glass balls, made some crochet garland, and the wooden star with paper center.

I also like the simple reindeer I made last year.  Just this one has a glass glitter nose, and then I used different ribbons and yarn to wrap around their bodies.

That's all for today!

We have a huge snowstorm heading our way - I've got to stock up on some food today.  Planning on watching Serendipity tonight as the snow falls.  It's something I like to do each year, and I never did last year so I'm looking forward to it.  I love watching movies on break!  

Happy Saturday!

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