Great Room Corner - Heart Made Of Scrap Wood - New Table?

9:31 AM

Thought I would pop in quickly and share some photo's of a corner of our great room.  Mainly because of this new scrap wood heart.

I found it at Jo-Ann's a few weeks ago, and it adds a nice Valentine's touch.  Funny thing is there was a time I really didn't like hearts.  How can one not like hearts?  I blame it on this old country looking bookshelf I had that had hearts cut out at the sides.  I guess I'm finally recovering because I have a fondness for hearts again.

The colors and the distressing are very well done.  Almost like I had made it myself - or paid lots of money.

In other news, we are getting new carpet - again.  If it was just me I would put in wood flooring, but that is not going to happen.  The good and bad news is this - the carpet we put throughout our house - except for the carpet I love that I put in our front room (which I should have trusted my gut & put in the great room as well) -  well the carpet is defective.  It has worn out so quickly, and unexpectedly the manufacturer agrees, and is replacing all of it.  I am actually amazed that they agreed, and super happy and overwhelmingly grateful!  The downside has been having to start all over again looking at carpet, and figuring something new out.  They no longer carry what I chose for our front room so it has been hard to decide on a new look, but I think I have it finally figured out.  Just deciding on the final color now - so hard to choose from the samples.

Also, I am loving this little table.

Picture it sitting to the right of the chair.  What do you think?

Well, I have a busy day today.  I'm in charge of the basketball bag lunches.  I've just finished baking delicious chocolate chip cookies.  I think next I will go put the names on the bags, and later think 19 turkey sandwiches!  Thank goodness the snow is holding off until tonight because I have lunch for 19!

Happy Tuesday! 

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