Where Have I Been ...

10:21 AM

Hello again!

Where have I been?

Well, this has been the coldest and longest Winter I can remember.   A little more snow is supposed to find it's way here today - then hopefully it will be finished.   I am getting pretty tired of asking myself if I should wear the brown boots or the black boots.   I am longing for warmer weather and long walks outside.  Real Spring weather cannot come soon enough.

Basically I have been kept busy with Noah's Basketball (now Baseball: first game already cancelled probably because snow is still on the field and it is freezing cold), seeing friends, a few workouts a week (though not being good about cardio at all), and something else really fun.

I had a little job that I did from my house, and while it was good for me to have some work to do it didn't do anything to enrich me so to speak.  I did learn to use the number pad on my keyboard very well without looking - I love that.  In the past month my job is now being done at the new company headquarters which is now out of state :)   Honestly, really LOVE that! 

So now what?  That is the great thing.  I guess anything is possible, and now with the boys being older I can really figure out what that should be.

I already have one project underway which has been so much fun that it is really not like work at all.

The company I was doing the work for is moving to a new much larger space.  This new facility has many rooms that the old one didn't have.  And guess what?  I was given a budget along with a list of rooms to design!

I have been working on the following spaces:

Reception Office
Formal Entry
Conference Room
Professional Break Room
CEO Office

I am hoping that my visions look as well as I hope they will in each space.  I think the style is kind of quirky sophisticated with a manly vibe.  Sometime next week I will start getting things put into place so I will keep you posted.  I will make some boards to show you my ideas, and then we will see how everything looks when it is all together.  I didn't have any time to spare so I had to roll with what I could get my hands on quickly, and what was within my budget.  Luckily I have more of my budget left so after everything is in I can add a bit more where needed.

Thank you for reading.  So glad I got this post out there.  It's kind of hard to know where to start again when you have been away for awhile.  

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