High/Low - Chair - Look For Less

7:29 AM

During this office building design I have run across a few things just by chance that are great for high/low comparisons.

I was cleaning up some catalogs, and I had dog-eared the page that this chair was on.   Having  completely forgot about it - I found it funny that I chose a chair from Target to use in the reception office that had the same type of look.  You could probably even sand down the legs on the Target chair - stain them - and get the chair to resemble this high end chair even more.

This is the Edenton Chair from Arhaus - On sale for $1149.  Was $2399.

This is the Swoop Chair from Target.  $199 right now - I purchased mine for $150.74.

Not a bad savings at all - $1000 less that the sale price & around $2250 less that full price.
I just assembled this chair yesterday, and it looks even better in person.  The fabric is thick and solid.  Really nice quality!

I was out browsing at Pottery Barn, and had the same kind of thing happen.  I will share that high/low after I share the Conference Room Inspiration Board.  It is an even closer comparison than this!

Love when something like this happens - especially when I'm trying to stretch my dollar.

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