High/Low - Pottery Barn Abbott Table - Look For Less

9:31 AM

Here is another really good look for less.

While out wasting a little time before I needed to get Noah from baseball practice I decided to take a quick look in Pottery Barn.   I was so surprised to see a table just like the one I purchased for the office building.  I saved so much money, and didn't even know!

This is the Pottery Barn Abbott Rectangular Zinc-Top Dining Table.  $1499.00.  84 inches long.

This is the Art Van Keaton Trestle Table.  I got mine for $481.13.  76 inches long.  It's not quite as long as the Pottery Barn table, but I saved over a thousand dollars.  The legs on this table are darker which I actually really like.  They look amazing in the space.  I'm still waiting for my large artwork so when that is in I will take the final photo's.

I'm really happy with this look for less.  The tables I purchased (I put two together) are really sturdy, and great looking!

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