Office Design - Formal Entry

8:03 AM

Here is my plan for the more formal entry of the building.

I fell in love with the beautiful sofa immediately, and worked from there.  Without time to special order pillows I went with what the store sells as their look.  It is not what I would have chosen (the dark pillows on the sofa are deep purple), but after I found the navy leather chair I think it all works together really well.   It's funny how when you have to decide quickly you can actually make something look really great - even if it wasn't what you had in mind.  There were many times where I would like one thing, but it was not available so I had to go to choice 2 or 3.  It has all worked out though.  I did end up using that wooden bench that I have on the Office Entry Board in this area - so I have to search out something to finish off the Entry.  Things change and you just have to adjust the plan.  The biggest thing I have left to do at the building now is to get the rest of the art, and hang the art.  Plus that one piece of furniture.  Oh, and when I can actually see the top of the conference room tables again that will be great.  Right now they have them covered with telephones :)

So I have to get ready, and get to work!

Happy Monday.

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