Comfy Clothes I've Been Wearing

3:29 PM

I've mentioned before that I really like to be comfortable.

If my clothes aren't comfortable or if they don't feel like me then I feel edgy.  I've learned over the years it's better to dress the way you want to feel -  for my introverted self dressing to feel relaxed really helps.

Here are some of my favorite combinations I've been enjoying lately.

I pretty much wear jeans every day.  If not jeans then a dress quite possibly layered over jeans.  It's cold here in Michigan.  I did actually wear a dress with thick tights this week :)

The other item that I pretty much wear every single day of my life is this Old Navy tank.   Mini Mint and Peach Carnation are two of my favorite color's.   They are both very faint.  I have a neon pink from last summer that I love as well.  Other than that I wear the white, oatmeal, navy, charcoal, and black most often.  

The long sleeve T above is made by TNA.  I discovered it at a store called Aritzia.  First time shopping there this year - lots of choices.  I liked so much!  This is the softest T - looser fit - band at bottom, but it's a really relaxed band.  It doesn't make the shirt puff up at all.  There are lots of colors here.  I bought Heather White.  $35.00 each. 

Since this outfit is super simple I added pops of color with my Nixon watch (bought on Ebay) and locket from my Mom.  She was thinking I wouldn't like it.  I so like it!  The other side is silver and has my initial engraved into it.  I mostly wear it with the colorful side showing.  The locket is from Mark and Graham and they have lots of different colors here.  Mine is the Orange.

Can you see how comfy this fabric is?

Outfit #2 - Flannel shirt from Aritzia.  Anthropologie tank from 2 Summers ago.  Staple jewelry.  I would rather have a couple simple pieces of jewelry that I really like than a whole bunch of jewelry.  This necklace and rings pretty much go with everything.

This is my favorite tank ever.  So much detail.  I thought mixing it with flannel would be fun.  Pretty with the rough.

Detroit - Shinola - love how they are helping to make The Motor City shine.  Their shop is beautiful! 
You can find this watch here.

This is my most lived in top this Winter.  It is made of the most comfortable fabric on the planet.  The fit it loose.  It's great with skinny jeans.  LOVE-LOVE-LOVE!  I think it is sold out now.

Red crystal ring - have had for about 20 years.  It is from Baccaret.  Looking up their rings it doesn't look like they make them in full crystal anymore, but this ring is similar to mine.

So, Im no fashionista.  I think simple is better.  I don't think that things have to cost a lot to be good or look nice.  I have a J. Crew outlet necklace that I paid $9 for that is one of my favorite pieces of jewelry I have, and it gets compliments every time I wear it.

Hope you enjoyed seeing into a bit of my closet, and maybe you found a little inspiration here today.

Thank you for reading!

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