Perfect Gift Idea For The Chef & Also Those That Enjoy Their Cocktails

4:36 PM

I really didn't want to post one gift idea board right after another, but this is really a great idea.   With Christmas so close I just have to share it.

For anyone in your life that likes to spend time in the kitchen I think this is such a beautiful and useful gift.

I stumbled upon the book "infuse" and there are so many good ideas inside.   Adding simple and fresh ingredients to either oil, spirit, or water you can come up with creative flavors to complement your cooking.  

In this book you learn how to make many creative combinations, and there are even recipes to make where you will use your infusion.  Think Grilled Pizza Bianca with a spicy chili oil!  For the spirit mix think Peach Bourbon, and probably the first one I would try is the Roasted Pineapple Mezcal.  There is a recipe for Irish Cream and Coffee Liqueur and so many more.  As far as water goes I'd like to try the Hanoi Cold Brew - they add sweetened condensed milk!  Yum!  I seriously could go on and on and on.  The photography is stunning, and the recipes fun and mouthwatering!  If you are more into cocktails than food also pick up a copy of "Shake."  This is the first book by Eric Prum and Josh Williams.  Peach Bourbon is where they found their inspiration.

I've been using my Amazon Prime like a crazy person the last couple days.  To say I put Christmas shopping off would be very true.  Guaranteed two day shipping and no crowds make Prime a perfect way to shop.  I really hate paying for expedited shipping on regular sites:) 

Here are all the links you need to set someone up with this book and some of the essentials for infusing - plus a few other cute things for the kitchen!

Grow Bottle - Basil - this would be so pretty on a windowsill

Moscow Mule Mug - I've been looking at Moscow Mule Mugs for awhile - I can finally say I've found the ones I want

Mason Tap Kit - useful and pleasing to the eye

Monogram Cocktail Napkin - so adorable!
Boylan Heritage Tonic - if you want great looking packaging along with your tonic

Another great way to gift from the items above would be to give the mugs along with a cocktail napkin for each family member plus one of the books.  I'd LOVE that !!!

Happy shopping.  Hopefully this might help you find a creative gift for the cook on your list.

Please note:  This post contains affiliate links.  See my sidebar for more information.  Thank you!

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