Monday Mix // 21

2:33 PM

Here are some items that I use regularly or have my eye on.  Enjoy!

This top looks comfy and has a unique back.  I'm thinking I would wear it with this pair of leggings.

This sleeveless pink top is plain on one side and pleated on the other.  I really like that.  Find it here.

Baskets are always handy - check out these bamboo baskets - such a clean looking style.

I feel like Fall is upon us - this candle in ash sounds like it would be great for the cooler weather.  I'm looking forward to some outdoor fires as well.

I just bought this pair of floral denim slides.  I saw a pair at Anthropologie - they were out of my size which turned out to be good because they are on sale plus if you have never shopped on this site there is an extra discount.   I think they would be perfect paired with that gray top and the leggings.

It's Dahlia season in Michigan - I want to visit a local farm for a bouquet.

This glass tea kettle is beautiful.  Love the addition of green on the lid!

Marble serving pieces with gold legs - another pretty item for entertaining and gifts.

The next few things are products I use all the time.  City Lips plumps your lips a bit, but also helps adhere any other gloss that you layer on top.  It's just such a great base, and also helps lip lines.  Neutrogena revitalizing lip balm in Fresh Plum is one of my favorites.  I've gone through numerous tubes, and have gifted even more.  Valentina's Home Brewed Sweet Dreams Body Spray smells so good.  I find myself using this instead of perfume, and I also spray it around my bed before I go to sleep at night.  It is scented with Jasmine, Vanilla, and Sandalwood.  I have another spray from this company called Prosperity which I really like too.  It is scented with Anise, Bergamot, and Cocoa.  I buy mine at Whole Foods.

Thank you for reading.  I'm hanging out with my halo wearing banged up dog.  It's so hard to keep a dog from jumping up and down off furniture, and away from the stairs.  I have a lightweight purple cord from puppy training days attached to her collar so I can keep her close.  The gash in her leg looks horrible.  Being fast has it's disadvantages.  Not sure how it will look once it's healed up.   I feel so bad for her.  We love her so much!    Hope you have a safe and happy week.

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