Monday Mix // 22

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This board is full of pretty and useful home items in soft shades I love.  Enjoy!

This shelf unit can be used in so many different rooms in the house.  It is 76 inches long and 70 inches high.  Oh - and it's from McGee & Co. and you can find it here.

The stripe potholders are from West Elm.  Though I prefer a smaller pot holder - these are 9" squares - I really do like the look of these.  They also come in red stripe.  Click here to find.

I never tire of looking at copper, and since my family is very good at losing certain measuring spoons I always keep my eye open for a nice new set.  These are top on my list, and I like the unique shape as well.

This planter is perfect for a plant or your wooden spoons, etc.

I really want to get this Fitbit Aria Smart Scale - it sync's with your fitbit - tracks not only your weight, but your body fat percentage and BMI.  It uploads all of your progress (or not) automatically so you can see how you are doing.  I think it would be very motivating!  Also, it recognizes up to 8 users so the whole family can benefit!

This doormat is from Target Threshold.

Batik bench love - Available in two sizes.

I purchased this pink milk glass cake stand on Ebay years ago.  It is very well used around here - I think I got mine for around $20.  For more auctions of this same cake stand click here.

Another source for recycled glass jars.

I've been adding pink here and there to our house.  Now that Fall is on it's way I will switch some of it out, but I really like this Rebecca Atwood linen marbled pillow.  It also comes in blue.

Lastly - Vintage Oushak Rugs - add texture, color, and a one of a kind look to any space.  This one is so pretty!

Hopefully I will get to writing something soon that isn't just a mix.  I feel like I've lost a little of my creativity lately - I need to get it back!!!

Hope your week is great!

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