Monday Mix // 24 - Nashville Kitchen Notes Restaurant

8:19 PM

Late last week we made a very quick visit to Nashville.  Main objective - Vanderbilt University.  We stayed at the Omni Hotel, and I enjoyed every design detail of their Kitchen Notes restaurant.  All of the wood finishes, the fabric on the banquette, the oversize white spindle windsor chairs, the glassware,  flatware, and dishes.  I loved it all.   The food was delicious too.  We enjoyed a very nice breakfast of fried chicken and biscuits.  That chicken was heaven.

This mix is all about that restaurant, and includes all the details of their place settings.  The place settings had farmhouse charm - kind of a nod to speckled eggs.  The flatware was so pretty, and one of the spoons had more of a squared off end.  I loved that spoon!  You can see it in the picture above that has the black background.  It reminded me of a coffee spoon that I have that belonged to my grandma.  Even the glassware was pretty with it's subtle design.  They also use jelly jars as vases and holders for the sugar packets.

Everything about the design of Kitchen Notes was so well put together.  Also, on the bottom right of this mix do you see the detail on some of the plates from their plate wall.  The animal shapes are actually cut right out of the china.  How fun is that!

I can't wait to go back to Nashville so I can spend more time seeing everything, and visiting the different areas.  Vanderbilt was amazing - I would feel really good about sending my son there.  Time will tell.

Hope you enjoy this mix!  It was a bit of a challenge to find everything, but worth the effort.

Red Stripe Bistro Napkin - they also used solid navy napkins on some of the tables.

White Speckled Freestyle Bowl

16 oz. Tea Glass

11 oz. Rock Glass

10 oz. Rustic Mug

Santa Fe Flatware

6 inch Speckled Plate

8 inch Speckled Plate

11 3/4 inch Speckled Plate

Last of all if you would like to make Kitchen Notes Gluten Free Coconut Cake (top right picture) click here to visit their website, and to get the link where this cake was featured in Edible Nashville magazine.

* There are no affiliate links in this post :)

* All of the pretty pictures are from the Kitchen Notes website

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